The destinations where you see yourself empowered with Integrity, command, dynamism, happiness & “I can do spirit” in your personality is "YOGA OF MIND”-The powerful tool of total fitness & Science of “SELF EDUCATION”-The secret counterpart of your formal education". Empower yourself with new skills, IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE. Redesign your self- image with the colors of self-esteem; transform it into a dynamic & competent personality.

Yoga of Mind

YOM-EMPOWER YOURSELF with YOGA OF MIND -The Science of Self Education. Develop INTEGRITY in PERSONALITY. Improve your performance, prepare yourself for bigger opportunities & enjoy HARMONY IN LIFE in life.

Study Skill

Improve your concentration powers & reasoning skills. Develop emotional maturity, SELF DRIVE & enhance your competence level. Learn to be focused & achieve your GOALS.

Handwriting / Graphology

Healthy Handwriting is Magical methodology. Anyone can improve in just few minutes. Learn GRAPHOLOGY. Know people through handwriting. Learn to control others & enjoy healthy relations.


“Mohan Ray conducted workshops & seminars for our Cadets, Colonels & Junior commissioned officers on yoga of mind, handwriting & graphology. He is unique in his approach   on helping people improve their performance”.                                  

Brig. Ramakrishnan (Administrator Military college Mhow. Madhyapradesh)