Yoga of Mind for Wellness & Performance

We train people in YOM-Yoga of Mind-The ultimate yoga-The Master tool of total fitness and maximum performance. Yoga of mind is a direct way of dealing with the distractions and impulsiveness of mind. YOM -The master tool trains you to remove deficiencies of mind, develop fearless, focused & purposeful mind, you learn to apply the knowledge you have and perform with responsibility & full confidence.
Everything begins with the mind. Mind is conditioned by upbringing itself. Conditioning of mind causes fragmentations in mind. Fragmented mind is distracted mind. Distracted mind causes deficiency in personality.
Yoga of mind considers Stress, anxiety, depression, migraine, and insomnia, lack of confidence & concentration, emotional immaturity, relationship problems, fears, laziness / lethargy, procrastination, anger, jealousy,compulsive thinking/limiting habits as components of deficiency in personality. Lack of fitness is lack of integrity and lack of integrity causes lack of performance. If you fail to perform in your best spirit you fail to achieve your goals in time and consequently you experience a sense of disappointment and unhappiness and the cycle of deficiency start driving your personality and you feel that you are stuck in life.