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Handwriting Analysis Practical Course.
For: – Students, Parents, Teachers, Doctors, Psychologists, Therapists Anyone Interested in Handwriting Analysis

Anyone can improve
Mohan Ray’s Self Empowerment Programs (practical tools to understand self and others)
Imagine if you have the ability to look at yourself and anyone’s handwriting and read their personality treats-are they dependable, should we build personal/professional relations with them and dozens of other hidden personality traits likedeep secrets, fears, esteem, (dis)honesty, addictions, basic drives etc. Learn the art of handwriting analysis and become professional graphologist, you are in the right place. We give you practical training through our open/institutional workshops.

Join our practical certified courses.

1. Basic Course in Graphology.

(A) Introduction to Graphology.

(B) Basic fundamentals.

(C) Signature Analysis.

Duration 30days. (with compulsory practical experience of at least 1 workshop.)

2. Advanced Course in Graphology.

Duration One year (with compulsory practical experience of at least 5workshops.)

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We conduct corporate workshops and seminars on graphology.