Self Education! WHY???

We strongly believe that formal education is not complete education.

JUST READ THE FOLLOWING STORIES…According to the media reports…

Karnataka: 3 ministers caught watching porn in Assembly › Politics › News‎. Feb 8, 2012 – Karnataka: 3 ministers caught watching porn in Assembly resign … The sacred place that’s Vidhan Sabha,”

On Februaray10, 2014.The Patna high court’s full court has recommended the dismissal of three district judges to the Bihar government for, allegedly, being found with some women during a police raid at a Nepal hotel on Republic Day, reported the Express .

On December 1, 2013.celebrated journalist has been arrested on charges of raping a junior colleague.

Would-be doctor commits suicide at AIIMS hostel .Wednesday, 12 June 2013 | ..‎by Palash R. Ghosh.Jun 22, 2012 – Suicide rates are sharply rising in India, particularly among the educated.)
Haryana: Girl kills 7 family members | › All India‎’Sep 20, 2009 – A teenaged girl in Haryana murdered seven members of her family after they discovered she was in love with a boy from their own clan.)

(IPS officer commits suicide in Bilaspur) – The Telegraph. › Front Page › Jharkhand‎.Mar 13, 2012

College principal allegedly commits suicide South | Press Trust of India | Sunday September 9, 2012

Unemployed B Tech Grad. among two commits suicide – Worldnews /Dec 19, 2013…/Unemployed_B_Tech_Grad_among_two_commits_sui…‎

..And they all were highly educated and some of them professionally successful but they all lacked self education.