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Don’t share secrets. GURU is not GOD.

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Do not share your secrets.

Your guru is not GOD.

How do you know that your GURU/psychotherapist/counsellor/astrologer/healer/fortune teller is not polluted?

 How do you know that they are free from “chitt vritti= psychic drama “ ?

Beware!  Don’t get hypnotised by their fashioned aura. Try to look deep behind the glittering cover because…The real Master will never add fashion/style in his life. The real master will never use difficult words from his respective profession. He will speak in very simple language which even a small child can understand. His conduct is just like you. He will behave as if he is just like you.

These Fashioned professionals may never wish you to empower yourself because once you’re empowered you will free from everything. Once people in society are enlightened, aware and healthy, then who will go to fashioned professionals?

In the game of survival, fashioned leaders of life skills will definitely play some attractive drama to allure you.

 How do you know that they will definitely set you free from your psychic jail?

You must be aware!

No one can change you except one person. That is you. Yourself only.

In today’s matererialistic world it is hard to find one with pure mind…

BECAUSE  chitta-vritti  aka  psychic drama is deeply rooted in all minds.

We and our saviours are sailing into the same boat.

Your psychologist and counsellors know nothing about you.

Your astrologer cannot predict your future, cannot tell even a single event about your future- if you don’t tell him/her your story.

Do not tell anything about yourself, your family, friends and business and whatever is going in your life.

The real master will never need your story to help you.

But these People are smart in getting your secrets from you just by keeping you in psychological inertia. Of course they have to be smarter then you and me, because their business grows only if our psychic drama of fear, failure, anger, depression, stress and anxiety continue.

The game of survival. And the game is part of nature. It is a fact. We cannot escape the game.

 They play it better than you and me. Our perpetual sickness is their game of cures. May be, they are secretly happy when our life becomes a roller coaster of pain and pleasure.

 I was fed up with game of my sickness and their cures. I discovered permanent solution. I am sharing it with you.

I named it Yoga of mind aka chitta vritti nirodah. THE MASTER TOOL, A tool which trains you in the science of self: for self control, self confidence, self knowledge, self organising powers to life on your own terms. The other name of Yoga of mind is integrity in personality and harmony in life.

Yoga of mind YOM suggests ONE TIME SETTLEMENT of our pain & suffering.

YOM guarentte the freedom from perpetual pain & suffering.

And one time settlement is only through “chitt vritti nirdah aka Yoga of Mind”.

  In our counselling and guidance approach,

We don’t your story.

We don’t need your secrets.

We equip you with Master tool. Become your own guru and guide with YOM.

We gift you a tool that you can use yourself to break your psychological jail, stop all psychic drama and be free & happy in life.

Please don’t confuse yoga of mind YOM with yoga asana, pranayama or the yoga you know. YOM  is not meditation. Not pranayama. Not yoga asana.

It is a silent action without noise.

 YOM is a science of self and technology of self organising powers.

It will empower you to regulate yourself, to drive your life with self control, self confidence & self organising powers.

YOM begins from the point where your GURU/psychotherapist/counsellor/astrologer/healer/fortune teller stops their game with you.

To learn the technology and use it by yourself and reclame your freedom and happiness on this earth.

Once you learn the technology, no one can judge you, control you. Rule you and cheat you. Begin your journey of self empowerment with basic YOM course. Face to face/ online(mobile) for 10 days one hours daily

 Mail at Sms at 9815017977

Chitt vritti nirodah: Stop the distractions of mind with YOGA of MIND

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